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The Brasil Carcarás and Chile Weichafes have announced their squads for Friday’s South American Championship match in Jericho, Colombia.

The match, which will also decide which nation progresses in the 2025 World Cup qualifiers, will take place at JB Londono Stadium.

Non-domestic players denoted with an asterisk. Teams permitted a maximum of 7 per team under tournament rules.

A livestream of the match will be available via Recast here.

1 Thomas Garrido*
2 Zecil Yao
3 Jaime Santander
4 Daniel Polanco
5 Felipe Aedo
6 Christian Lopez*
7 James Horvat*
8 Ignacio Altamirano
9 Mana Castillo-Sioni*
10 Austin Olivares Ekes*
11 Taylor Salas
12 Nick Doberer (captain)*
13 Daniel Vasquez*
14 Juan Ortiz
15 Diego Quintul
16 Ferec Cabezas
17 Moises Rojas
Coach: Andrew Charles

1 Ravi Araujo*
2 Marcos Paixao
3 Douglas Parazi
4 Donovan Barreira*
5 Fellipe Dittz
6 Victor Domingues
7 Zach Grundy (captain)
8 Caio Ozzioli (vice captain)
9 Lucas Domingues
10 Alyfer Dos Santos
11 Leandro Caetano
12 Gabriel Saraiva
13 Nicholas Sydorowitz*
14 Bruno Gil
15 Luiz Bussolo
16 Vinicius Parazi
17 Diego Sanches Nogueira
Coach: Zach Grundy