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El Salvador has named its squad for Sunday’s international against the Japanese Samurais at Mascot Oval in Sydney.

The side will be captained by Alvaro Alarcon and will feature four debutants in Dario Rodriguez, Elias Diaz, Ethan Rushworth and Roberto Perez.

The match will be the first time the two sides have played each other and will be live streamed by BarTV.

El Salvador
Albert Maatouk
Alvaro Alarcon (c)
Anthony Maatouk
Brandon Rodriguez
Carlos Reyes Kiwi Kiwi
Dario Rodriguez
Elias Diaz
Ethan Rushworth
Francisco Godinez
Herman Guzman
Javier Alarcon
Junior Alarcon
Michael Maatouk
Oscar Mendoza
Rafael Mendoza
Roberto Perez
Sebastian Schubert
Zackery Fernandez