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Rockhampton and Townsville will go to battle on Saturday night in the XXXX League Championship semi-final.

After winning this year’s XXXX 47th Battalion and XXXX Foley Shield respectively, the two teams will face off for a place in the state A grade final, with the victorious side to face the Gold Coast for the Championship title.

This representative community competition is in its second year, with Brisbane crowned the 2021 champions.

Representing all three Queensland Rugby League regions – North, Central and South East – the XXXX League Championship crowns the best community league in the state.

Rockhampton Rustlers

1. Kazzi Doyle, 2. Justin Asse, 3. Harlem Russell, 4. Cody-John Clark, 5. Blayton Vea Vea-Youse, 6. Caleb Tull, 7. Angus Dorante, 8. Riley Reid, 9. Jack Pattie, 10. Harrison Leonard, 11. Lesley Brown, 12. Lachlan Campbell, 13. Takai Mokohar, 14. Jack White, 15. Riley Shadlow, 16. Jordan Cox, 17. Jake Jackson, 18. Harry Barham

Coach: Jason Green

1. Edene Gebbie, 2. Carlin Anderson, 3. John Cullen, 4. Jordan Remfrey, 5. Michael Carroll, 6. Ty Carruci, 7. Ado Waianga, 8. Faron Morris, 9. Nathan Norford, 10. Nick Brown, 11. Justin Frain, 12. Chippie Korostchuk, 13. Mitch Grimes, 14. Curtis Dempsey, 15. Jaimen Moore, 16. Jack Johnson, 17. Sam Murphy, 18. Hamilton Taia, 19. Jesse Pomare Anderson

Coaches: Roy Baira and Matt Bowen