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Kroton Hela Wigmen Rugby League club has announced 34 men team for its 2022 season campaign.

The Kroton (Kumul Petroleum Holdings) sponsored team representing the Hela Province in the Digicel Cup Competition released a statement announcing the 34-men squad mostly comprised of 2019, 2020 and 2021 squad members while the rest of the stock are slotted in the team from Coco-Cola Ipatas Hela Leg tournament, SHP 9s Port Moresby Rugby League and other off season competitions.

Club Chairman Andy Hetra said, “after rigorous training and trial matches over the last few months, we have now the best 34 men to get the job done. We are also proud to announce that the club has retained more than half of the current club’s key players while more than half of the boys from Hela origin,” Mr Hetra said.

Mr Hetra was also thrilled to have in camp 2020 premiership winning trio in fullback Norman Brown, half-back Solomon Pokare and prop Jeffery Robert from PNG Hunters. Mr Hetra also said that Hela Wigmen club has always been an inclusive club where it accepts players from all over PNG irrespective of their region or origin. “We are a club that encourages inclusiveness and promotes raw talents to reach their full potential. We look for player who are serious in excelling in their rugbly careers and we only harness that with the system that we have. We have players and coaching staff from all the regions in PNG. It is truly a diverse side. When all train, eat, sleep and put on the Wigmen jersey, they truly play with their hearts irrespective of where they come from. The same is true where we have fans, supporters, and followers throughout PNG due to the diversity we carrying as a team.

The Chairman said the team was proud to announce two of club’s consistent and loyal player being. handed the club leadership role in Valentine Culligan and Solomon Pokare as Co-Captains with the support of other loyal and new breed of players.

1. Sylvester Bulu
2. Norman Brown
3. Junior Iqila
4. Valentine Wamdi
5. Anderson Benford
6. Tony Wemin
7. Solomon Poakre
8. Valentine Culligen Ⓒ
9.Patrick Morea
10. Jeffrey Robert
11. Atua J Nogoya
12. Missach Welen
13. Kopu Piju
14. Manu Kame
15. Jordan Steven
16. Peter Dagi Homoko
17. Tapia Solu
18. Allen Simbiri
19. Igiboi Lawrence
20. Siki Konden
21. Sylder Bulu
22. Gordan Isaac
23. Iso Kita
24. Lape P Peape
25. Stanford Pandine
26. Ronny S Nakira
27. Justin Meketa
28. Gori Akuni
29. Bernard Lai
30. Rodwell John
31. Pembo Pokeya
32. Steven Pat
33. Junior Mel Prop