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The São Paulo Raiders have finished top of Grupo Sudeste following their last round win over the Rio Sharks.

The 26 – 0 victory means the Raiders have finished the regular season with six points and will now face Taubaté in the Semi Finals on December 4 to determine who will face defending Premiers, Urutau, in the National Final on December 11.

The 2021 Brasil Men’s National Premiership featured six teams broken into two geographic pools. Each team played each other twice. Grupo Sul featured the Maringa Hawks, Umuarama and defending Premiers, the Urutau Screaming Owls, whilst Grupo Sudeste featured the Sharks, Taubaté and Raiders.

Urutau won the last Brasilian Men’s Premiership, held in 2019, defeating Maringa in the Final. São Paulo Raiders has won the only other silverware on offer this year, defeating the Sharks in the Men’s National Nines held in February.