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The Taurama Wolfpack and Six Mile Crow Dust have progressed to Week Three of the Moresby South Men’s Open Age Finals following their respective Qualifying Finals victories over the weekend.

The Wolfpack defeated the Kaugere Bulldogs 11 – 8 in their respective Final, before the Six Mile Crow Dust recorded a 4 – 0 win over the Subcity Raiders. The Bulldogs and Raiders will now face Vadavada United and the Gabutu Dragons in next weekend’s Elimination Semi Finals as they look to keep their Finals hopes alive.

In the Women’s Open Age Finals Series, the Gabutu Dragons defeated the Joyce Bay Roosters 14 – 8, whilst the Subcity Raiders defeated Two Mile United 10 – 4 in their Qualifying Finals. In the Elimination Finals, Vadavada United ended Koro Souths’ campaign, whilst the Koni Eagles defeated the Six Mile Crow Dust.

Under 20s:

QF1: Gabutu Dragons 10 – 4 Subcity Raiders
QF2: Kaugere Bulldogs 10 – 8 Joyce Bay Roosters
EF1: Talai Spartans 14 – 12 Taurama Wolfpack
EF2: Koro Souths defeated Koki Eels

Women’s Open Age:
QF1: Gabutu Dragons 14 – 8 Joyce Bay Roosters
QF2: Subcity Raiders 10 – 4 Two Mile United
EF1: Vadavada United 8 – 4 Koro Souths
EF2: Koni Eagles 8 – 0 Six Mile Crow Dust

Men’s Open Age:
QF1: Taurama Wolfpack 11 – 8 Kaugere Bulldogs
QF2: Six Mile Crow Dust 4 – 0 Subcity Raiders
EF1: Vadavada United 10 – 4 Koro Souths
EF2: Gabutu Dragons 16 – 10 Southern Sons

Under 20s:

Talai Spartans v Subcity Raiders
Joyce Bay Roosters v Koro Souths

Women’s Open Age:
Joyce Bay Roosters v Vadavada United
Two Mile United v Kone Eagles

Men’s Open Age:
Vadavada United v Kaugere Bulldogs
Gabutu Dragons v Subcity Raiders