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After a successful launch last off-season, the Charles Lee Cup will return for 2021/22, with the first leg of the tournament to kick off later this month.

The Charles Lee Cup is an Off-Season competition for the Papua New Guinean Western Highlands that was introduced in late 2020.

The tournament featured four regional qualifiers held in Mt Hagen Central, Tambul-Nebilyer, Mul-Baiyer and Dei, with the top two teams from each qualifying for the Finals. These eight teams are joined by four invitational teams who are selected from parts of the Highlands where it isn’t practical to hold qualification tournaments.

The 2021/22 event will kick off in Dei, with sixteen teams set to take part.

Thirteen of the sixteen spots have been decided, with the remaining three spots to be filled by representatives from Kuk, Tiki and RTK & Wali.

The teams for the Dei leg are:
1. Mokup Panthers
2. Miti Ku Hawks
3. Komi Brothers
4. Blackburn Hikers
5. Kurt Royals
6. Kombmen Rangers
7. Kotna Rangers
8. RTK & Wali Team
9. Elbo Spartens
10. Tiki Team
11. Kuk Team
12. Kinjibi United
13. 7 Mile Brick Brothers
14. Kumai Hawks
15. Kondopina Spiders
16. Kindeng Storms

The 2021/22 Charles Lee Cup Finals will be playef at Rebiamul.