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The inaugural Southern Super League season is set to resume on Friday, November 12 after the Papua New Guinea National Control Centre (NCC) granted permission for the League to resume.

Under the conditions outlined by the Niupla Pasin committee, all players taking part in the competition will need to be vaccinated and there will be no crowds at matches.

The Southern Super League is a new competition that was launched by the Southern Confederate, sitting as a layer between the PNG National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC), the Digicel Cup, and the various regional leagues within the Southern Confederation.

One of the key focuses of the competition was to provide a greater scope for the Digicel Cup franchises to introduce larger squads of players to the same level of training and resources, whilst also providing an opportunity for some of the stronger regional competitions to showcase their top talent.

In the inaugural season, twelve teams have been taking part, including the Moresby South Blacks, Buria Reds, Central Dabaris, Rigo Raiders, Port Moresby Vipers, Hiri West Flames, Eda Bulldogs, Port Moresby Suburban Ducks, Koiari Nagavas, Motu Kota Lagatois, FH Laumas and Gulf Isou.

Prior to the suspension of the competition due to COVID, the Port Moresby Vipers were the only undefeated team.