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Twelve teams have committed to take part in the 2021 Lower Mimanalo Rugby League Tournament this November at Rothmans Rugby League Oval in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands.

The new competition, will run from November 6 until December 18, and is designed to provide opportunities for rural talent from across the Eastern Highlands to showcase their skills.

Funded by I CAN Sports Trademark, Office of the Prime Minister of PNG and the National Gaming Control Board, the Lower Mimanalo competition has been underwritten for the next five years.

Teams for the inaugural competition are the Izaho Juniors, Rothman Spiders, Kofika Country, Ikisauto Warriors, Kamaufa Gamukes, Siave Pines, Sapsap Eagles, Romex Eagles, Western Blacks, Hegu Brothers, Basis Hamerheads and Kabi Tigers.