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Photos: Legend 15 – The Defenders RFC

The Tokyo French Crusaders have won the inaugural Riverside Nines held at the Misato Sankei Sports Centre after they defeated the Edogawa Supermen 16 – 10 in the tournament Final last weekend.

The winning side featured players from the famous Tokyo Crusaders and the All France Rugby clubs, with the teams merging to help accomodate a compacted playing schedule.

The Riverside Nines was the first nine-a-side tournament held in Japan. Coordinated by the Abiko Ducks, the event attracted interest from five other sporting clubs in the region, including the Joto Donkeys, Edogawa Superman, Chiba based Narita Chaozu, as well as the Crusaders and All France club from Tokyo.

Hosts, the Abiko Ducks, and the Narita Chaozu, kicked off the tournament in the first ever Chiba derby, fighting it out for an 8-all draw, before the Edogawa Supermen and Tokyo French Crusaders joined in the following rounds.

The composite Tokyo team progressed through the group stages undefeated, whilst the Supermen qualified for the Grand Final after defeating the Narita Chaozu in the Nines Preliminary Final.

The Abiko Ducks won the inaugural Riverside Bowl title after defeating the Joto Donkeys.

Abiko Ducks 8 – 8 Narita Chaozu
Edogawa Supermen 28 – 10 Narita Chaozu
Narita Chaozu 0 – 18 Tokyo French Crusaders
Tokyo French Crusaders 24 – 0 Edogowa Supermen
Tokyo French Crusaders 30 – 4 Joto Donkeys
Abiko Ducks 12 – 12 Joto Donkeys
Edogowa Supermen 24 – 8 Abiko Ducks
Narita Chaozu 22 – 8 Joto Donkeys

Preliminary Final:
Edogowa Supermen 16 – 12 Narita Chaozu

Bowl Final:
Abiko Ducks 22 – 6 Joto Donkeys

Grand Final:
Tokyo French Crusaders 16 – 10 Edogawa Supermen