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Off the back of the highly successful Faleata Region Nines held last month, the Palauli-Satupaitea region will host its own Rugby League Nines tournament this weekend.

The tournament, which is a collaboration between Rugby League Samoa, NRL in Samoa and the Palauli-Satupaitea Rugby Union, follows the concept of the Faleata Region Nines, providing an opportunity for sporting clubs that traditionally have not played Rugby League to join the Rugby League Samoa pathways.

The tournament will feature eight clubs from the southern side of island of Savai’i, with the Nines tournament set to be held at the Pitonu’u Fields this Saturday.

Teams taking part in the tournament include the Sili Eels, Faala Broncos, Vaega, Faga, Pitonuu, Vaitoomuli, Vailoa Palauli and Gataivai.

Players taking part in the tournament will be eligible for selection in future Representative fixtures including the Island of Origin series and the upcoming Rugby League Samoa Super Nines series which will feature a Palauli-Satupaitea combined team.

Rugby League Samoa has already held two Nines tournament in 2021, the Vailima Marist Fantastic League Nines series, which was held in Pesega, Upolu and was won by Marist Rugby League (Upolu), and the Faleata Region Nines, which was won by Marist Saints (Lotopa).

Pool A:

Sili Eels
Faala Broncos

Pool B:
Vailoa Palauli

Group Stages:
Sili Eels v Faala Broncos
Pitonuu v Vaitoomuli
Vaega v Faga
Vailoa Palauli v Gataivai
Sili Eels v Vaega
Pitonuu v Vailoa Palauli
Faala Broncos v Faga
Vaitoomuli v Gataivai
Sili Eels v Faga
Pitonuu v Gataivai
Faala Broncos v Vaega
Vaitoomuli v Vailoa Palauli

Semi Finals:
1st Place Pool A v 2nd Place Pool B
2nd Place Pool A v 1st Place Pool B

Third-Place Finals:
Runners Up Semi Final 1 v Runners Up Semi Final 2

Winner Semi Final 1 v Winner Semi Final 2