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The inaugural Rigo Coast Rugby League Pre-Season competition will feature six teams when it kicks off this weekend at Gabagaba Village.

The new Central Province feeder league will run both Men’s and Under 20’s competitions in both it’s Pre-Season and Regular Season competitions, with aims to run a Women’s competition as well.

Confirmed clubs for the respective competitions are the Gabone Kilivana, Gunugau Bulldogs, Gini Eels, Ivana Keina Raiders, Gaba Kundus and the Bese Eels. Registrations for new clubs will be open until July.

The Rigo Coast Rugby League is one of a series of new feeder leagues established within the Central Province, focusing on the Rigo Coast LLG. As part of the establishment of the Rigo Coast League, the Rigo Rugby League will now focus on supporting clubs within the Rigo Central and Rigo Inland LLGs.

Gabone Kilivana v Gunugau Bulldogs
Gini Eels v Ivana Keina Raiders
Gaba Kundus v Bese Eels