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The Papua New Guinea National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC) Board has appointed Ora Gairo as its new manager.
Gairo takes over from former PNGNRLC Manager Stanley Hondina who was elevated to the PNGRFL CEO position last November, 2020.

PNGNRLC Chairman Adrian Chow said Gairo from Abau District in the Central Province has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication for Development from the PNG University of Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Goroka.

He said Gairo’s work experience over the past 18 years included education, training, social performance assignments and capacity building at community-based organisations and tertiary institutions with donors and organisations such as Frieda River Project, Porgera Joint Venture, Exxon Mobil PNG LNG Project, International and domestic Consulting firms and Ausaid.

“Gairo has coached the Philip Aravure Primary School students, NCD Schools selected side and is a member of the NCD School’s Rugby League Board,” Chow said.

He said the PNGRFL is undergoing major organisational restructures and Gairo’s administrative and management qualifications are relevant at this time,” Chow said. “PNGNRLC is in line with the growth of the organisation and the game.”

Former Manager Stanley Hondina said it was a relief to have Gairo on board. “We have been quietly working behind the scene since last week to induct him into the job; he has been good and is understanding the business well,” Hondina said.

“PNGNRLC have a strong Competition Officer in Saku Ank who will provide the game management support to Ora and all should be well.”

Hondina said he will continue to provide the oversight and assistance whenever needed and ensure a smooth transition in the coming months. “I congratulate Ora on his appointment and wish him all the best in the job,” Hondina said.

Gairo said the challenges and standards of our premier competition is at a high level and looked forward to working with the PNGNRLC Board and his predecessor in achieving its goals.

“I’ve come in at a time with the Pandemic affecting the competition however the bar has been set and I look forward to working with all the franchises in ensuring the game continues to be played at these high standards,” Gairo said.

“Thank you for this very important appointment and I will give it my best in managing our premier domestic competition – the Digicel Cup.”

Ora Giro’s appointment became effective on Monday May 10, 2021 and is for a two -year term.