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Seventeen teams from across the Trans-Vanapa Brown ward within Central Province’s Kairuku-Hiri District are set to take part in this weekend’s Super Nines tournament.

The competition will feature a number of sides that are set to take part in the upcoming Koairi-Vanapa Brown Rugby League competition, as well other sides from across the ward.

The first sixteen teams have been grouped into pools of four, with matches scheduled over two days. Event organisers are hoping for more teams to register prior to kick off to ensure that Wasaupa can also take part in the tournament.

Pool A:

Efo Minas
Ogobe Rats
Brown River

Pool B:
Goldie Warriors
Rubirogo Roosters

Pool C:
Erom Tigers

Pool D:
Loloko Medics
Bisogo Vipers
Nari Panthers
ODK Dragons

Pool E:

* Additional registrations will be added to Pool E


09:00 – EFO Minas v Veikabu
09:20 – Ogobe Rats v Brown River
09:40 – Goldie Warriors v Rubirogo Roosters
10:00 – Siraka v Kuriva
10:20 – Vanapa v 2Dogs
10:40 – Erom Tigers v Doura
11:00 – Loloki Medics v Bisogo Vipers
11:20 – Nari Panthers v ODK Dragons
11:40 – EFO Minas v Ogobe Rats
12:00 – Veikabu v Brown Rivers
12:20 – Goldie Warriors v Siraka
12:40 – Rubirogo Roosters v Kuriva
13:00 – Vanapa v Erom Tigers
13:20 – 2Dogs v Doura
13:40 – Laloki Medics v Nari Panthers
14:00 – Bisogo Panthers v ODK Dragons

09:00 – EFO Minas v Brown River
09:20 – Veikabu v Ogobe Rats
09:40 – Goldie Warriors v Kuriva
10:00 – Rubirogo Roosters v Siraka
10:20 – Vanapa v Doura
10:40 – 2Dogs v Erom Tigers
11:00 – Laloki Medics v ODK Dragons
11:20 – Bisogo Panthers v Nari Panthers