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Defending title holders, the Marist Saints (Men’s) and Apia Maroon (Women’s), are set to be joined by eleven other teams at the 2021 Vailima Marist Fantastic League 9s this Saturday at Apia Park Stadium.

The annual pre-season tournament is set to be largest on record, with ten teams to take part in the Men’s event, whilst a further three will participate in the Women’s competition.

Teams in the Men’s competition will be broken into three pools, with the top team from each (plus second in Pool A) qualifying for the Semi Finals.

In last year’s Finals, the Marist Saints defeated the Apia Baracuddas 20 – 16 to win the Men’s title, whilst the Apia Maroons defeated Aleipata in the Women’s competition.

Pool A:
Marist Saints
Apia Baracuddas
Faleula Scorpions
Vailoa Broncos

Pool B:
Falelauniu Titans
Letava Mynas Bulldogs
Sili Eels

Pool C:
Vaitele West Tigers
Matniuel Lions
Satupaitea Bulls

Marist Angels
Apia Maroons
NRL Girls


09:30-09:53 : Marist Saints v Apia Baracuddas
09:55-10:18 : Faleula Scorpions v Vailoa Broncos
10:20-10:43 : Falelauniu Titans v Letava Bulldogs
10:45-11:08 : Vaitele West Tigers v Matniuel Lions
11:10-11:33 : Marist Staints v Faleula Scorpions
11:35-11:58 : Apia Baracuddas v Vailoa Broncos
12:00-12:23 : Falelauniu Titans v Sili Eels
12:25-12:48 : Vaitele West Tigers v Satupaitea Bulls
12:50-13:13 : Marist Saints v Vailoa Broncos
13:15-13:38 : Apia Barracuddas v Faleula Scopions
13:40-14:03 : Letava Bulldogs v Sili Eels
14:05-14:28 : Matniuel Lions v Satupaitea Bulls

14:55-15:18 Play-Off Final 1 : 2nd Pool 2 Vs 2nd Pool 3 M
15:20-15:43 Play-Off Final 2 : 3rd Pool 2 Vs 3rd Pool 3 M
16:10-16:33 Semi Final 1 : 1st Pool 1 Vs 1st Pool 3
16:35-16:58 Semi Final 2 : 2nd Pool 1 Vs 1st Pool 2
17:25-17:48 Fifth Place Play-Off : Play-Off Final 1 Vs 3rd Pool 1
18:15-18:38 Third Place Play-Off : Runners Up Semi Final 1 Vs Runners Up Semi Final 2
18:40-19:03 Grand Final : Winner Semi Final 1 Vs Winner Semi Final 2

14:30-14:53 : Marist Angels v Apia Maroons
15:45-16:08 : Marist Angels v NRL Girls
17:00-17:23 : Apia Maroons v NRL Girls

17:50-18:13 : Grand Final