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NRL in Tonga has today been recognised as part of the on-going roll out of the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls programme.

The initiative, first launched in 2018, and is a joint partnership of the European Union, Australian Government, United Nations and the Council of Regional Organizations of the Pacific (CROP), and today officially recognised four local organisations, including NRL in Tonga.

Violence against women and girls is recognised worldwide as a social and public health violation that has grave physical, emotional, psychological and financial consequences for those impacted, such as in Tonga with data indicating 40 per cent

Through the United Nations and the Spotlight Initiative, NRL in Tonga has been granted financial aid, to support the continued roll out of the awareness and prevention towards the Voice Against Violence Community Program.

The NRL Voice Against Violence Program provide educational workshops and outreach to the community across Tonga to address the issues of violence against women and children.

The other organisations recognised in today’s event included the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children, Kolomotu’a Women’s Committee and Tonga Leiti Association.