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National Capital District (NCD) Governor, Powes Parkop, has this week announced that the annual NCD Governor’s Cup will be expanded to feature a Women’s division.

The annual Christmas / New Year competition has grown significantly over the past few years, with 48 sides from across Port Moresby taking part in the most recent tournament, which was won by the QPR Colts.

To support the tournament, the NCD Government will more than double the funding for the tournament.

Announcing the increased investment, Governor Powes Parkop said the new Women’s division would unite more city residents.

“We started with K50,000 in 2019, we raised the spending to K100,000”, Parkop said.

“But for the 2021 tournament at the end of this year, we will bump it up to K250,000. The increase in support will come with some conditions and one of it is to include a women’s division.”

“The tournament is not just about Rugby League, but breaking down barriers.”

“This is for mothers, daughters and sisters in our communities.”

“So we won’t just have a rugby league tournament but a festival of peace that will bring out our people together for Christmas and New Year.”

“I’m sure we will have our own things to do during the year but when we reach the tournament, we will show the strength and potential of our city.”

“For my office, we will get the organising committee to come in early this year and start planning.”

The 2021/22 tournament is scheduled to kick off in the week before Christmas 2021 and finish mid-January 2022.