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The 1237 Vikings have continued their surprise run in the 2020/21 Charles Lee Cup Finals, defeating the Newton Brothers 12 – 10 today at Rebiamul Oval.

One of four invitational teams, the Baiyer River based club was expected to be eliminated in the opening round of the Finals on Thursday, when they faced the Togoba Mile Pride from Tambul-Nebilye.

The Vikings had other ideas and after defeating the Pride 26 – 4 and the Mt Hagen Central based Brothers, are one of three teams left in the competition.

In the other Finals played, Mul Norths defeated the LUSD Pythons, whilst the Kum Blockers defeated Mul Forest.

The competition Semi Finals will take place tomorrow before the Cup Grand Final on Sunday.

The Charles Lee Cup is a brand new Off-Season competition for the Papua New Guinean Western Highlands. The tournament featured four regional qualifiers held in Mt Hagen Central, Tambul-Nebilyer, Mul-Baiyer and Dei, with the top two teams from each qualifying for the Finals. Four invitational teams were also added to the Finals, with these teams coming from remote parts of the country where it wasn’t practical to host qualifiers.

1237 Vikings 12 – 10 Newton Brothers
Mul Norths 18 – 8 LUSD Pythons
Kum Blockers 32 – 0 Mul Frost