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The finalists for the 2020 National Capital District (NCD) Governor’s Cup have been decided following this week’s group games.

The Finals, which will take place on Monday at Sir William Skate Oval in Kaugere, features the top sixteen teams from the forty-eight team tournament.

2019 Champions, the Border Storm are included in the confirmed 15 Quarter Final spots, whilst Group H participants, the Garakoni Dogs, Seals and 4 Mile Cats will Play-Off for the Final spot.

Quarter Finals:
08:00 : QF2 : City Redbacks Vs Nikints Dragons
09:10 : QF4 : D8 Mosquitos Vs H 6 Knights
10:20 : QF6 : 289 Gamblers Vs Border Storm
11:30 : QF8 : Isavaka South Bros Vs Playoff Winner
12:40 : QF1: POM Mengals Vs Mapex Eagles
13:50 : QF3 : Freeway Bumpers Vs Morata Bullets
15:00 : QF5 : FSS City Bulls Vs Toks Mafuka Eels
16:10 : QF7 : QPR Colts Vs Aspen Medical

Winners of QF2, QF4, QF6 and QF8 will play the runner up of QF1, QF3, QF5 and QF7.

Winners of QF1, QF3, QF5 and QF7 progress to Round Three of the Finals.