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The TNA Cup will squeeze two rounds of competition in this Christmas Long Weekend at Dickson’s Oval in Kundiawa, with matches set to be played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

On Thursday morning, Kundiawa Souths and the Santai Brothers will kick off Round Four of the competition before the Digine Rangers and NGR Mosquitoes go head to head to kick off Round Five on Saturday.

In the previous round of the competition, previously winless, Santai Brothers, drew with competition leaders, the NGR Mosquitoes allowing for the Bee Jay Crushers and Chayil Panthers to leap frog them and take the lead. The SSY Brothers defeated the Gumine Pythons to create a highly congested ladder after three rounds.

Round Three:

Santai Brothers 10 drew with NGR Mosquitoes 10
Kundiawa Souths 24 defeated Back Street Cyborgs 8
Kupsy Rabbitohs 14 defeated SNK Stars 12
SSY Brothers 12 defeated Gumine Pythons 4
Bee Jay Crushers 16 defeated Digine Rangers 14

Round Four:

Kundiawa Souths v Santai Brothers
SSY Brothers v NGR Mosquitoes
SNK Star v Back Street Cyborgs

Digine Rangers v Gumine Pythons
Chayil Panthers v Kupsy Rabbitohs

Round Five:
Digine Rangers v NGR Mosquitoes
SNK Stars v Santai Brothers
Bee Jay Crushers v Gumine Pythons

Chayil Panthers v Back Street Cyborgs
SSY Brothers v Kundiawa Souths