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The Papua New Guinea Rugby League Football League (PNGRFL) today suspended all its nationwide rugby league competitions including the Digicel Cup, Affiliate League, National Schools and all Domestic rugby league programs and International Representative programs until Friday June 5, 2020.

After careful consideration of the unfolding COVID-19 situation globally, regionally and nationally and in consultation with the relevant authorities and all our international and domestic partners, the PNGRFL has made the decision to suspend all rugby league programs with immediate effect.

The PNGRFL will be advising all our rugby league competitions, national franchises and programs on the necessary protocols to observe that incorporate the recommended measures to ensure the players, officials, the fans and their families exercise vigilance and safeguard against the threat of the Covid-19 virus during this trying period.

The PNGRFL will be closely monitoring the situation in consultation with the relevant authorities and our key partners and stakeholders and will provide an update on developments as they become available.

The unfolding Covid-19 pandemic scenario is unprecedented and as such the PNGRFL has to make this proactive decision to ensure our players, volunteers, staff, families and supporters and the public are not placed at unnecessary risk.

As part of the PNGRFL’s response, the SP Hunters coaching staff and players who return to Port Moresby from Brisbane this morning will be required to observe medical protocols and procedures we have put in place for the team to follow on arrival under the supervision of our two learned doctors Dr Gideon Kendino and Dr James Naipao who will be at the airport to carry out these protocols when the team disembarks.

The team will be further kept in isolation at their accommodation and during the period the doctors will monitor and carry out appropriate testings before the players are cleared.

The corona virus is a serious threat worldwide and PNGRFL in consultation with relevant authorities and our stakeholders, is taking every precautionary measure to address it.

The deferred PNGRFL AGM scheduled for the 28th of March in Port Moresby is still on at this stage until further notice.