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The PNGRFL and NRL – PNG today launched the 2019 Mini and Modified games. Mini and Modified (or Mini Mod) uses modified rugby league rules and targets children between the ages of 7 to 12 years.

NRL Pacific Program Co-ordinator Mark Mom said the Mini Mod concept is being developed in consultation with PNGRFL as part of capacity building between the two organisations.

“Mini Mod engages girls and boys in primary schools to develop respectful behaviour through rugby league,” Mom said.

He said the game is designed to be non-competitive and promotes respectful behaviour in a safe playing environment, whilst enhancing their basic skills and knowledge on the popular sport.

“We aim to build Mini mod up and provide a good framework with PNGRFL. This will happen over time with a few adjustments and we are confident that the collaboration will achieve a positive outcome in the form of junior development pathway,” he added.

Mini mod will be tried in Port Moresby initially with plans for roll out to other centres in future.

PNGRFL CEO Reatau Rau encouraged parents, siblings, schools and communities to get behind the concept and show their support. “Let’s support these youngsters at this early age,” he said. “This concept will succeed when we as parents, teachers, siblings and the communities volunteer and take time out to encourage them,” Rau said.

He said participants will have to be in school to take part in mini mod. Mini Mod concept forms part of NRL’s on-going collaboration with PNGRFL to create development pathway for boys and girls who wish to play rugby league.

The games are scheduled to run for eight (8) weeks and will take place at Vice-Chancellors Oval, UPNG. Volunteers from campus and primary schools have been identified and trained to oversee the games.

Rau thanked Milo and the University of PNG for their partnership in Mini Mod.