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Author: Matthew Wright

It would take Turkey just 2 minutes to grab the game’s opening try, launching an assault on the Solomon Islands’ line after an error before a neat kick through from Jaydin Salman-Cochrane was collected by Arda Dalcik who raced through to score, the conversion missed by Huseyin Karabork.

The Turkish intensity in defence was beginning to disrupt the Solomon Islands rhythm, players flying out of the line and forcing errors from their counterparts.

Turkey would somehow survive an onslaught of attacks when a penalty gave the Solomon Islands two sets of six on the Turkey line, the Solomon Islands left centre going close but spilling the ball over the line.

Turkey would soon have their second try of the game from a kick, Aiden Salman-Cochrane dribbling the ball off the boot, the bobbling kick spilled by the Solomon Islands and Volkan Er was the fastest to react to the loose ball, the conversion missed, taking the score to 8-0.

The Solomon Islands would hand Turkey possession from a penalty from the restart, Turkey spilling the ball from the restart and then proceeding to give a penalty for lifting.

The Solomon Islands penalised for an incorrect play the ball and the chance going begging.

The Solomon Islands would go close once more, Sanya and Tanga Moana both held just shy of the line as the Turkish side survived yet another attack. The Solomon Islands then handing the ball back to Turkey for crossing, a real chance missed.

Turkey would make the Solomon islands pay for ill discipline, Arda Dalcik going very close with a 20 metre solo effort to get Turkey within touching distance of the line, the ball spread right and Aiden Solman-Cochrane slotting himself through a gap to score, the conversion scored by Ali Bokeyhan Surer.

The Solomon Islands would steal a try 5 minutes before the half, Tony Kaypuya diving over from dummy half close to the Turkish line to get his sides first points of the day, the conversion successful by Eddie Moe’ava, 14-6.

Turkey would respond immediately after conceding, the kick off shallow and to the right of the field, forcing the Solomon Islands player off the field of play.

Turkey driving deep into opposition territory and coming up with points through Ali Bokeyhan Surer out of dummy half and over the line to extend the Turkey lead, Ali Bokeyhan Surer converting his own try to make it 20-6 at the half.

Aiden Solman-Cochrane would grab his second of the game when he shaped to pass at the Solomon Islands’ line and ghosted through a gap to open the scoring for the second half, Ali Bokeyhan Surer on target with the kick.

Dalcik would have his second of the game after Ali Bokeyhan Surer went close for the Turkish side, the ball shipped to the left at speed and a basketball pass found the left centre to dive into the corner, Ali Bokeyhan Surer hitting the crossbar with the conversion attempt, Turkey taking a 30-6 lead.

The Solomon Islands would see possession very briefly in the form of a drop out on the 20 after kicking a penalty too long, Arda Dalcik screeching out the line and delivering a rib rattler to force the ball loose and hand Turkey possession.

The Solomon Islands were still creating chances after the fullback broke from behind the scrum, the strong run followed up by Pura Lavonstarr, the ball spilled 5 metres from the line two tackles later.

Singamoana was causing problems for the Turkish side as he made yet another huge solo break, the Solomon Islands using that as the platform and the human wrecking ball that is Jimmy Maebata steamed onto a flat ball from 10 metres out, Timo Sanga with the successful conversion to make it 30-12.

Tengamoana would be the latest Solomon Islands player to cross, the number 9 going over from close range after Jimmy Maebata was forced back over the line to prevent a certain try, the kick missed.

The Solomon Islands would grab another late try with 1 minute to play, Tengamoana shipping the ball from dummy half to the big man Jimmy Maebata to help himself to a double from within 10 of the line, too little too late though as Turkey held on to be 30-22 winners.

Solomon Islands: 22
Tries – Jimmy Maebata (2), Tony Kaypuya, Carlwyn Tengamoana
Goals – Eddie Moe’ava (3)

Turkey: 30
Tries – Arda Dalcik (2), Aiden Solman-Cochrane (2), Volkan Er, Ali Bokeyhan Surer
Goals – Ali Bokeyhan Surer (3)

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