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The Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League has this week announced the Oil Search PNG Orchids side which will take on the Australian Women’s Prime Ministers XIII squad on October 6 at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

The 20-player squad features four players based in Australia and seven players from the Southern Confederate team.

1. Amelia Kuk (Australia)
2. Matha Molowia (Southern)
3. Naomi Kaupa (Southern)
4. Catherine Anjo (Southern)
5. Jacobetha Wake (Northern)
6. Nicole Mato (New Guinea Islands)
7. Jenni-Sue Hoepper (Australia)
8. Elsie Albert (New Guinea Islands)
9. Therese Aiton (Australia)
10. Tahina Booth (Australia)
11. Janet Michael (New Guinea Islands)
12. Carol Humeu (Southern)
13. Venesa Nakas (New Guinea Islands)

14. Roswita Kapo (Southern)
15. Lilah Malabag (Southern)
16. Betty Kawak (Southern)
17. Grace Mark (Northern)

18. Elmah Turpa (New Guinea Islands)
19. Regila Wilfred (Highlands)
20. Shirey Jerry (Highlands)