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The official squad for Latin America’s participation at the 2018 Emerging Nations Rugby League World Championship in western Sydney has been confirmed.

The Latin Heat team is to be captained by former Super League player Matt Gardner – who played at the professional level for Castleford, Huddersfield and Harlequins and is of Brazilian parentage.

The team will contest 4 games in 7 days in a tough regional pool against other developing non-traditional rugby league areas such as Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle East, between October 7 and October 13.

Matt Gardner – Captain (Mother born Brazil)
Alvaro Alarcon – Vice-captain (Both parents born El Salvador)
Brad Millar – Vice-captain (Father born Chile)
Sebastian Alonso (Born Argentina)
John Eugene Araya Garcia (Father born Chile)
Pete Betros (Mother born Chile)
Patrick Caamano (Father born Chile)
Mana Castillo-Sioni (Mother born Chile)
Iziah Esera Catrileo (Mother born Chile)
Sean Day (Mother born Peru)
Simon De Araujo (Mother born Chile, Father born Brazil)
Nick Doberer (Mother born Chile)
Alex Eastman (Born Colombia)
Juan David Espinal (Born Colombia)
Elisardo Fernandez (Both parents born El Salvador)
Thomas Garrido (Father born Chile, Mother born Peru)
Pancho Gaspani (Born Argentina)
James Horvat (Mother born Chile)
Francisco Leiva (Born Chile)
Anthony Maatouk (Mother born El Salvador)
Sebastian Martinez (Born Colombia)
Kevin McKenzie (Born Guyana)
Rafael Mendoza (Both parents born El Salvador)
Oscar Mendoza (Both parents born El Salvador)
Alejandro Munevar (Born Colombia)
Diego Papa (Mother born Uruguay/Father born Argentina)
Gabriel Papa (Mother born Uruguay/Father born Argentina)
Jye Sommers (Grandfather born Peru)
Brandon Tobar (Father born Chile)
Eduardo Wegener (Father born Chile)
Rodrigo Zavala (Born Mexico)
Andrew Zuluaga (Father born Colombia, Resident USA)