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The Papua New Guinea Rugby League has this week announced the Southern Confederation Women’s squad which will take place in the upcoming National Women’s Championship later this year.

The Southern Confederation side was selected from the best players from the Port Moresby, Moresby South, Kerema, Hiri West, Gulf Provincial, Central Provincial and Koiari Leagues, plus the University of Papua New Guinea and Port Moresby Business College.

Each of the respective players took part in the Women’s Trials last week in the National Capital.

Southern Confederation Women’s Team:
1. Martha Molowia (PRL 2)
2. Joanne Kuman (PRL 1)
3. Lisa Dau (POM South)
4. Cathrine Anjo (PRL 1)
5. Mala Mark (PRL Development)
6. Heather Ario (Hiri West)
7. Lila Malabag (PRL Development)
8. Maima Wei (PRL 1)
9. Esther Sai (Hiri West)
10. Janet Michael (PRL 1)
11. Fredlyn Ali (PRL 2)
12. Cathy Neap (PRL 1)
13. Vero Waula (PRL 1)
14. Carol Humeu (PRL 1)
15. Ray Rambi (PRL 2)
16. Betty Kawage (PRL 1)
17. Naomi Kaupa (PRL 1)
18. Lina Aula (PRL 1)
19. Brenda Goro (PRL 1)
20. Janet Johns (PRL 2)
21. Kelly Peter (POM South)
22. Mary Kohu (PRL Development)
23. Martha Kongoro (Kerema)
24. Faith Kakas (UPNG)
25. Mareva Oda (PRL 1)
26. Delta Sangi (Kolar)