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The Hong Kong Rugby League has announced the Hong Kong Thunder squad which will take on the Japanese Samurais for the East Asia Cup on June 16.

Taking place at the Inagi Comprehensive Ground in Tokyo, the Thunder will be looking to avenge their two-point loss in the inaugural East Asia Cup last year.

Hong Kong Thunder squad:
Ghislain Baleyte (Coastal Cobras)
Alvin Chan (Valley Broncos)
Jason Fairleigh (Coastal Cobras)
Toby Lei (Unattached)
Richard Lindsay (Oreana Storm)
Ringo Lung (Valley Broncos)
Craig McMurrich (Unattached)
Benolt Mouclier (Valley Broncos)
Allan Newsome (Oreana Storm)
Jack Nielsen (Charlie Bears)
Ben Ryan (Unattached)
Alex Shvetz (Valley Broncos)
Gus Spence (Wave Wearers)
Hogan Toomalatai (Pacific Toa)
Tommy Wong (Coastal Cobras)
Udo Wong (Coastal Cobras)
Jason Yip (Wanchai Warriors)