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The newly formed Futbol 13 Antofagasta Toros have defeated the Antofagasta Nomades in Saturday’s Northern Chile final in Antofagasta.

The Tercer Torneo held in northern Chile by the Futbol A 13 Chile saw four clubs from around the region do battle in the final piece of silverware on offer in season 2017.

Played at Estadio Cancha in Antofagasta, the four participants were the Colombian linked Nomades, the Venezuelan linked Toros, the Bolivian linked Tiburones Varones and the Grizzlies.

Kicking off the tournament, the Toros defeated the Tiburones Varones in the opening group game, whilst the Nomades defeated the Grizzlies 16 – 12 in the second group game settings up the final between the Nomades and Toros.

In the third place Play-Off the Grizzlies defeated the Tiburones Varones whilst in the Women’s match, the Nomades defeated a combined Tiburones Varones – Grizzlies side.