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Whilst most of the focus in Chile over the past couple of months has been on the upcoming inaugural Futbol A 13 Chile Super Liga season, the hard working volunteers of the league have continued their efforts in introducing the code to new communities.

The latest community to take up the sport is the Colombian community of Antofagasta in northern Chile.

The Port City was formerly part of Bolivia, and is the northern most outpost of the Futbol A 13 Chile Rugby League, with the majority of their work based in Central Chile.

The new club, known as the Antofagasta Nativos is a joint initiative of the Futbol A 13 Chile Rugby League, the Colombian Rugby League and the local NGO, the Colectividad Dr Colombianos Residentes En Antofagasta and the YMCA.

As part of the initiative, Males and Females between 13 and 35 are being invited to take part in free training and development sessions at the Antofagasta YMCA with the aim for the Nativos to play against other Futbol A 13 Chile affiliated clubs later in the year.

Work is also being done with the Peruvian community of Antofagasta with the hope of establishing a setup similar to that of the Nativos.

The City of Antofagasta has the largest population of Colombian immigrants of any city throughout Chile.