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Polska XIII and Coach Ellis Hurworth are please to announce the following squad for their upcoming match against Chile on Saturday the 4th of February at Hilliers oval Liverpool.

Poland and Chile will be the sixth and final game of a massive day of Rugby League scheduled out at Liverpool. The match will kick off at 8:30pm AEDT.


1. Matt Hastie
2. Jayden Zelezniak
3. Ben Field
4. Dwayne Moseley
5. Sean Stanislaw Kowalski
6. Alex Kowalski (C)
7. Cheyne Pike
8. Zac Pitt
9. Jaydon Sienkiewicz
10. Stephen Kolodziej
11. Mitchell Shaw
12. Ben Szczerbanik
13. Todd Moseley

14. Ethan Niszczot
15. Jordan Owen
16. Mark Chmurycz
17. James Usher
18. Jackson Field

Coach: Ellis Hurworth
Team Manager: Shane Young

Damian Murphy
Mitchell Forster