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The Rugby League XIII Sports Association (Thailand) has announced a 25-man train-on squad for their upcoming internationals in Sydney.

The Thailand national side will tour Sydney next February, taking part in the International Nines at Cabramatta as well playing internationals against El Salvador and Hungary.

The train-on squad is as follows:

1. Chris Twigg
2. Damien Nicholls
3. Joey Halpin
4. Matamanea Chimpla
5. Suhttirak Choengkhiri
6. Jimmy O’Brien
7. Steve Lessina
8. Rhys Tucker
9. Micky O’Brien – Vice Captain
10. Carlin Millar – Captain
11. Don Boonkhit
12. Brandan Su’a
13. Avia Minutee
14. Dan Thomas
15. Travis Clements
16. Eightt Saisiri
17. Surasak Poomngern
18. Artit Thiampraset
19. Best Vestpist
20. Theerapat Rangkhawong
21. Opal Pesanan
22. Curtis Baxter
23. Dylan Baxter
24. Micheal Flynn
25. David Minutee