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The Latin Heat Rugby League side is set to embark on a historic tour of North America later this year, playing representative teams in California and Mexico.

The tour, nick named Los Aventureros, will see Latin Heat’s Australian based representatives head to the relatively uncharted league territory to help spread the word.

As part of the tour, the Latin Heat side will play matches against the fledgling Mexican Rugby League and a team representing Latin Americans living in the USA.

Latin Heat co-founder and tour host Robert Burgin said on the tour:
“Currently there is no regular Rugby League competition on America’s West Coast, while Mexico is yet to play an international opponent,”

“Through Latin American Rugby League we’ve spent the past two years beginning to engage the 600 million people of Central and South America – 24 countries where there are no RLIF-recognised competitions.

“Given that California is home to 15 million Latinos on its own, it presents a keystone to developing the game across cultural and linguistic divides, while Mexico is one of the most populous countries in the world.

“This is a trip where you can not only leave a footprint in history, but more importantly help establish foundations and develop communities that will grow the game in the future.”

Individuals interested in finding out more about the tour or joining the Los Aventureros are encouraged to visit the Latin Heat website ( or email